Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love to build things. I am NOT skilled at it, but I love to get out the drill and a stack of lumber, sawdust everywhere, etc. I never use an actual "plan," just my own imagination. Usually nothing lines up right. Half the time warped lumber is largely to blame. Nonetheless, I occasionally put together something we actually use. Usually the project starts because I couldn't find just what I wanted in the store, else the price was outrageous. So I start my project, it's largely comical, and in the end sometimes it gets put to use. Otherwise I just cry over the amount of money I put into the wasted lumber. Right now I'm working on TWO, yes TWO, wardrobes. This is the 4' one, made from existing lumber at the house. The original pieces themselves were warped and not a consistent 4' in length, despite the labels. I did what I could. The other wardrobe, not shown, had a bit more planning on my part, and is 6' high. Neither is finished yet as I need to get more supplies. I have developed a great appreciation for craftsmen of olden days who produced some wonderful stuff by hand. If I had a proper workshop set-up and some actual training, I could be better. It's all learning curve ;)

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