Saturday, March 13, 2010

Japan Saves Me from China

I do not cook big meals nor have dinner guests. I feed just myself (cat doesn't use utensils), and all I need is a spoon or two and a fork or two. However, every item I find is made in China. I do not want to buy from China. I don't trust its safety nor the ethics. I would LIKE to buy from the USA. Beware though because USA often means Puerto Rico, sweatshop labor, etc.
I went online to find out about flatware made in the USA. Found one company that stated due to customer demand, they had compiled a list of "not China"! Sadly, that list is mostly Made in Vietnam! USA and Japan are on there too though. Did you know even ONEIDA is made in China now! So thanks to the wonders of Internet research and online shopping, I could finally buy something Made in USA. I don't need a big set though. I don't need fancy pricey silver either. I just needed a couple forks and spoons.

Japan saved me! As Southern California is home to the largest Japanese population in America, we have many Japanese import shops. Of course, some of it is geared not towards the Japanese, but towards the squealing teenagers who obsess over anime, Hello Kitty, and other Japanese things of which I strongly disapprove. Still, they import some practical stuff, like kitchenware. Mind, you have to read carefully. It might have Japanese writing on it, but much of it is still Made in China or elsewhere. Read carefully!

Over in West LA is this Tokyo 99 Plus shop, and that's where my flatware needs were met at last! Witness:

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