Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BS Stands for Many (Inappropriate) Things featuring Major West

B.S. can stand for some bad stuff. Not just the obvious. However, it also stands for a movie that really wasn't so bad at all: Blue Sunshine. I first saw it in the late 70s because I really liked an actor called Zalman King. I was amused to see Major West from Lost in Space in it. I rewatched it just now. I had barely remembered that Major West played the used car salesman type politician. VERY mid-70s style. Uggh. Still mega good looking man though. Luckily, his character kept his hair and didn't wig out (har har). Here he is in a majorly ugly suit, and he said the BS word (yeah, that one) on the phone. Bad, Mark!

After that scene, smiling Major West is pleased to show off how he looks basically the same ten years later, and full head of hair! (The hair is very important in this film!)

No, sorry. Judy married someone else after we returned to Earth.

Remember that time when Dr. Smith almost got us all killed? Which one? So many good times. Hahahah!

Zalman King tries to convince the Major to upgrade his fashion sense and stop smoking. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. That Taxachusetts accent is so thick with cigarette smoke it made me nearly cry. Why, Mark, why??

Somehow he thinks that he'll be able to sound like Tom Waits when he sings onstage with Liza. (I wish I were making that up).

The Major gets suspicious that I'm gonna embarrass him with something else.

Well, he's right. Ready? If I could have one prop from this film, it would not be the fake campaign posters. Oh no. It would be this shirtless hippie drug dealer poster with the blond wig! (Insert smokey Taxachusetts accent "It was a paying gig! I had kids to support!")

Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself.....

Later the Major utters another BAD BS word. He says Barbra Streisand! He does! A puppet of her has just performed as his lead-in act at the shopping mall. A shopping mall that has a disco in it.

Zalman King returns to tell him it's all his fault! We never do find out if he won the election or was arrested or what.... (sorry for the spoilers).

Remember, Major, smoking will spoil your good looks.

Yeah, it's something to think about, Don.

But you'll live on forever (or until the film rots) as the cutest guy on TV in the autumn of 1959.

Hey, Cully! Johnny Ringo and John Robinson have the same initials! It's a small TV world.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Last We Saw the Robinsons

Or "Hot Men of 60s Television"

Lazy lazy me sitting inside due to rain.... and all I've wanted to do for days and days is watch Lost in Space. Sure, Dr. Smith wears a person out (oh the pain, the pain), and the music remains the same, some dialogue is embarrassingly corny, occasionally it turns into Batman, the women only get to do "women's work," but it was a GOOD show, especially the early ones when the focus was still on the family. Zorro even gets a few chances to show off his sword fighting along with that mystery skunk spot on the back of his hair. Why do people grow old and die? It's not right.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Space Age Christmas

Happy Winter Solstice! The sun returns! Although, here in SoCal we're having a winter storm, so the sun should return Thor's Day. Atomic Age ornaments make Christmas feel safe (ironically!) Here's a UFO classic I've only just acquired. Alas, I have no tree up. Nor have I carved this year's Halloween pumpkin--it's still sitting in waiting in the living room. Meanwhile, all I want to do is watch Lost in Space. They never celebrated Christmas on the Jupiter 2, did they?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cookies n' Scream

Packaging cracked me up. They look just like the photo on the bottom right of the package. Not sure what chemicals the colors come from--cheap Palmer candy after all (hey, made in USA!), but they're actually quite good.

Why does the skeleton have a bandaid on his head?

Voodoo Frat?

I wasn't the only one who stopped to take a picture.

Why Deodorant is Better than Men?

Emotionally responsive deodorant.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

AVOID the film Sleepwalkers!

October, so there should be some funny horror films on. Well, I thought "Sleepwalkers" (1992, and apparently Stephen King) might be amusing. NO! It started off with dead cats hung all over the place. SICK!! I presume they are fake, but still... animal violence is always unnecessary. BOO HISS! Changed that channel promptly.

Meanwhile TCM is running a colorized version of The Family Way. Much better (not colorized! I mean, much better than the hanging cats alternative.) Hayley was soooooo skinny then. That tub she's washing in is more of a teacup. The best of the three Hywel and Hayley films though was Twisted Nerve. Classic!

Another silly film was on the other night, Let's Kill Uncle. Sounded like it might be noteworthy, 1966, bit like an Avengers episode or maybe more gruesome. Terrible ending, just terrible.

The hunt for additional GOOD scary films, esp 60s ones, continues.

TCM has that "underground" segment too, and last week they aired Psychomania, one of my faves! It's an early 70s British film with a rotten gang of young bikers who terrorize people, but still quite mild. The twist is that the lead chap kills himself and returns from the dead. It's worth seeing for the fashions, colors, etc. I'm quite sure I first saw it on Elvira. This past time I managed to fall asleep before it ended. Drat!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Engrish in My Class

I love the things they bring with them. From Japan. Classic.

Monday, August 2, 2010

So Ripped Off

Ages ago I came up with "Come on down to Sofa Q !" Just ask Lopex! Years later SNL did a skit like that, cos they tap my phone and steal from me. And now it's spread to the Vietnamese community. Kinda inappropriate for public display though.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HOW is this CANDY??

The young daughter of a night student came up to me and asked if I'd like some candy. Mostly I took one to be polite. I didn't take a close look until I got home. "Hot" and "pulp" are not what I look for in candy. HOW is this candy?

In the Shade

This past Saturday, 2 pm. In the Shade at home.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

People of Walmart Submissions

Anything you wanna buy from China, Walmart has it! Chinese Wives? Aisle 5.

Not sure if he's buying the child or if he plans to buy the cart as her new bed.....

Questionable Packaging

Dekkai !!! (huge)

Best Use of Obama Poster Ever

Great Message. Found on a Jeep along with an "I love my dog" sticker. Cheers.

You Got Pot in My Soy

From Imagine Foods, the Makers of Rice Dream.....The ultimate non-dairy milk for hippies. Does it taste like ROPE or???

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lizard and Laziness

All those things I said were coming soon in my last post--all lies. Well, the things weren't lies but the coming soon part was. I am simply too lazy to blog. Here are two shots of a lizard who happened to be on our front porch when I was bringing groceries in. The focus is a bit off, sorry. These guys move FAST. I was surprised I had time to get the camera and get back out before he fled. Head to tail maybe a foot long.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming Soon

Topics I need to write up: Marty changes bathroom faucet. Ray Davies in concert. Uno goes to vets twice. Whatever happened to the rest of the Uno story anyway? The Census. If I wrote the Bones Fox TV series plot. Marty's new bike. Marty so out of shape she doesn't know how to breathe! Hate Thy Neighbor. Local ads that amuse or irk me. Marty's carpentry adventures--the shipping crate and the coffin.

Seems like I'm forgetting some. Have off Wednesday for Cesar Chavez Day. Might catch up then. Last chance before April Fool's!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mom Finds a Spinal Column

Possibly a rabbit? I was shocked at the size and completeness. Gotta get out my big book of animal skeletons and see if I can identify it. The things we find in the yard... sad.


I love to build things. I am NOT skilled at it, but I love to get out the drill and a stack of lumber, sawdust everywhere, etc. I never use an actual "plan," just my own imagination. Usually nothing lines up right. Half the time warped lumber is largely to blame. Nonetheless, I occasionally put together something we actually use. Usually the project starts because I couldn't find just what I wanted in the store, else the price was outrageous. So I start my project, it's largely comical, and in the end sometimes it gets put to use. Otherwise I just cry over the amount of money I put into the wasted lumber. Right now I'm working on TWO, yes TWO, wardrobes. This is the 4' one, made from existing lumber at the house. The original pieces themselves were warped and not a consistent 4' in length, despite the labels. I did what I could. The other wardrobe, not shown, had a bit more planning on my part, and is 6' high. Neither is finished yet as I need to get more supplies. I have developed a great appreciation for craftsmen of olden days who produced some wonderful stuff by hand. If I had a proper workshop set-up and some actual training, I could be better. It's all learning curve ;)


Coyote in our yard, Monday March 15th. Very cute! Love the tail. Can you spot him there in behind the bushes?

Spring Springs

Spring is here!!! I love the weather, hate the neighbor noises. Love the weather, hate the scantily clad. Love the weather, hate the weeds. Happy Beginning of Spring. Time to pack away all the black clothes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware the Ides of March

The Ides of March has almost passed, never fear! Still feeling the jet-lag of having set our clocks an hour ahead. It's a very warm day in the neighborhood. Babycakes goes to the vets tomorrow for a yearly checkup. And I go off to work right now. Ah!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Japan Saves Me from China

I do not cook big meals nor have dinner guests. I feed just myself (cat doesn't use utensils), and all I need is a spoon or two and a fork or two. However, every item I find is made in China. I do not want to buy from China. I don't trust its safety nor the ethics. I would LIKE to buy from the USA. Beware though because USA often means Puerto Rico, sweatshop labor, etc.
I went online to find out about flatware made in the USA. Found one company that stated due to customer demand, they had compiled a list of "not China"! Sadly, that list is mostly Made in Vietnam! USA and Japan are on there too though. Did you know even ONEIDA is made in China now! So thanks to the wonders of Internet research and online shopping, I could finally buy something Made in USA. I don't need a big set though. I don't need fancy pricey silver either. I just needed a couple forks and spoons.

Japan saved me! As Southern California is home to the largest Japanese population in America, we have many Japanese import shops. Of course, some of it is geared not towards the Japanese, but towards the squealing teenagers who obsess over anime, Hello Kitty, and other Japanese things of which I strongly disapprove. Still, they import some practical stuff, like kitchenware. Mind, you have to read carefully. It might have Japanese writing on it, but much of it is still Made in China or elsewhere. Read carefully!

Over in West LA is this Tokyo 99 Plus shop, and that's where my flatware needs were met at last! Witness:

This Stuff Works!

Product recommendation. I bought this mostly cos it was cheap and had OXY, and ever since Lopex turned me onto OXY, I am obsessed with it. Gross, I know, but scrubbing the pee pee litter out of the cat's box is a miserable job. This stuff loosened it right up! It's not a miracle cleaner, but I like it!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Anniversary

Babes and I reached one year together today--one full year since we met in person. Before then, I knew who he was but he didn't know who I was. We had a long drive back from Utah, in the rain... I tried to get some pix of us together, but that horrid loose chicken skin under my eyes is just too terrible. Uno had kind of a rough day with his nose too. I'm so glad he's here. I hope he's happy. Caught him with the Baby Tongue out!

ALSO, the Who played at the Super Bowl Half Time show in Miami. I saw most of it on a TV in the campus library. Roger looked beautiful. They're almost as good as their prime. Greatest Rock 'n' Roll band in the world!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

White frame sunglasses--grrr!

Just today some hipster kid in my building, who I'd never seen before, said HI to me--uggh--while wearing his white-framed sunglasses. This particular boy was accompanied by a short fat girl in a hat and TORN leopard print tights that she thought were pants (they're not). Both looked like they had attended an 80s party for people who had no clue about the 80s. I am seeing these white-framed (white frame?) sunglasses everywhere. Who is responsible for this trend? Make it stop! If I've noticed it, it must be HUGE (given how I don't notice much).

Unrelated: I'm doing more walking lately. Eight miles seems to be my "comfort limit." I even walked 2 1/2 hours in the rain today!

2010 is a great year to help animals! Donate to no-kill shelters.

Check out Second Acts. They give money to no-kill shelters in need.

Adopt a Kitten