Saturday, May 15, 2010

People of Walmart Submissions

Anything you wanna buy from China, Walmart has it! Chinese Wives? Aisle 5.

Not sure if he's buying the child or if he plans to buy the cart as her new bed.....

Questionable Packaging

Dekkai !!! (huge)

Best Use of Obama Poster Ever

Great Message. Found on a Jeep along with an "I love my dog" sticker. Cheers.

You Got Pot in My Soy

From Imagine Foods, the Makers of Rice Dream.....The ultimate non-dairy milk for hippies. Does it taste like ROPE or???

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lizard and Laziness

All those things I said were coming soon in my last post--all lies. Well, the things weren't lies but the coming soon part was. I am simply too lazy to blog. Here are two shots of a lizard who happened to be on our front porch when I was bringing groceries in. The focus is a bit off, sorry. These guys move FAST. I was surprised I had time to get the camera and get back out before he fled. Head to tail maybe a foot long.