Saturday, October 9, 2010

AVOID the film Sleepwalkers!

October, so there should be some funny horror films on. Well, I thought "Sleepwalkers" (1992, and apparently Stephen King) might be amusing. NO! It started off with dead cats hung all over the place. SICK!! I presume they are fake, but still... animal violence is always unnecessary. BOO HISS! Changed that channel promptly.

Meanwhile TCM is running a colorized version of The Family Way. Much better (not colorized! I mean, much better than the hanging cats alternative.) Hayley was soooooo skinny then. That tub she's washing in is more of a teacup. The best of the three Hywel and Hayley films though was Twisted Nerve. Classic!

Another silly film was on the other night, Let's Kill Uncle. Sounded like it might be noteworthy, 1966, bit like an Avengers episode or maybe more gruesome. Terrible ending, just terrible.

The hunt for additional GOOD scary films, esp 60s ones, continues.

TCM has that "underground" segment too, and last week they aired Psychomania, one of my faves! It's an early 70s British film with a rotten gang of young bikers who terrorize people, but still quite mild. The twist is that the lead chap kills himself and returns from the dead. It's worth seeing for the fashions, colors, etc. I'm quite sure I first saw it on Elvira. This past time I managed to fall asleep before it ended. Drat!

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