Thursday, December 24, 2009

End of the Year as we know it PLUS Martin Sheen

Maybe in the New Year I will be a better blogger? I'm always rattling off the ever-growing list of things I hate to Lopex, and she tells me to put it on my blog! But that takes work... And people don't wanna read that any more than she wants to hear it. In local travel news:

Earlier this month she and I went thru the Green Hotel in Pasadena when they were open for their December public tour. Tons of photos, but I'm never happy with the lighting in any of mine and always think they're out of focus too. It's just a $200 digital camera that I don't really know how to use. On with our story: I was pretty burnt out on it when we walked into just about the last apartment on our visit, the (unbeknownst to us) rental unit of Ramon Estevez. Surprisingly, there was his father, Martin Sheen, standing around chatting with visitors and posing for photos! Martin Sheen was my fave actor for years and years, and darned HOT too, so I was majorly nervous. Lopex gave me that shove I needed. I spoke to him about JFK's assassination. It was my rare opportunity to ask him about James Files and Wim Dankbaar's information (which Mr. Sheen quickly dismissed). I tried probably too hard to push him into doing more to publicize what we now know, but he seemed like that's all in the past. He believes the story as told in his friend James Douglass' book, JFK and the Unspeakable. I was embarrassed as I hadn't read it yet. Lopex took a few non-flash spy pix of us talking, but I look like hell and Mr. Sheen is sideways. She did, however, get a great pic of him holding her doll. Refer all doll questions to her, please. He remarked that her head was too big for her body (the doll's!) and she replied very politely, "Her head IS disproportionate, sir." I loved that! He is now 69 years old. Wow. The aging process is so cruel to us all. He's Grandpa Sheen now. To me he will always be his hot younger self. I held onto his hand for ages. Silly, Marty! He asked me my name, and I said just Marty, and he said oh, another Marty, and stupid nervous me wondered who the first one was! Durr! Glad I didn't ask him at least! I was so giddy after that.

On those rare occasions when I meet someone famous who I admire, I seem to always latch onto their hand and refuse to let go.... I just won't leave. How embarrassing for all involved!

Of those people who I REALLY worship (or have worshiped at some point) , I did actually meet and speak to: Paul Weller, Roger Daltrey, Ray Davies, Karl Malden, David Irving, and now Martin Sheen.

Those who I "worship" but haven't met:

Still with us, so you never know: Pete Townshend, Roger Waters, and Robin Gibb (despite his bad behavior). I admire loads of others, but the ones who have seriously changed my life, you know...

Those who I will never meet, as they are gone now: Phil Ochs, Roddy McDowall, Stuart Adamson, and Patrick McGoohan.

It's Christmas Eve, and I am at the apartment, Uno's on the bed. It's just gotten dark outside after a lovely 70+ degree sunny day. Lately I've spent way too much time online searching for photos and info on old Los Angeles, the one I missed out on.

In the New Year, I hope to keep in better touch with friends, get and stay organized, lose some weight and keep it off, do more for cats, study languages with more dedication, and get around to taking all those local photos I always plan to.

Please note, I updated a bit on Uno! Click here.

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