Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Too many too soon

Too many good people in show business have been claimed by death in the past few days. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, the pitchman Billy Mays, Gale Storm, Fred Travalena, David Carradine, some others whose names I saw online, and now, one of my worst fears: KARL MALDEN. Oh how I have loved Karl Malden for years. I knew he was very elderly, but.... I was very fortunate to have met him that one time when he and his daughter did a book signing in Studio City. I had to go alone to that and I was so nervous. Soooooo nervous. He told me my hands were cold. He was more excited about the Serbian-speaking couple behind me, but for a brief moment I had his attention. I tried to convey how HAPPY it made me to watch him in the Streets of San Francisco. "Homicide. Stone!" Earlier this year we lost Patrick McGoohan.... and now Karl Malden within six months.

I've been really freaked out over Michael Jackson and debating about driving up to Santa Ynez for the rumored (or confirmed?) public viewing at Neverland on Friday. It would be a madhouse, I know, but.... I already persuaded a couple Saudi friends to drive us over to his family home in Encino on Friday and then on to his star on Hollywood Blvd that night--where the crowd was too heavy to see it. The vibe outside the family home on Hayvenhurst wasn't what I had expected. Cops, news crews, screaming kids running all over (but not screaming over Michael) and people taking photos of the small shrine. Irritated foreign neighbors were standing in their driveways complaining about the people coming there.

I don't know will Karl Malden be laid to rest here in SoCal or not. UPDATE: The late Mr. Malden is in the same cemetery as my dad! I haven't visited yet, as of Dec. 24, 2009. I wonder about his dear wife. All the best to her and their family. If his grave is somewhere I can get to, obviously I will go there frequently. If by some longshot it should be in Westwood Memorial where my own dad is, I'll be amazed. I wonder is his address in the Palisades correct (the one online)? I should send a sympathy card... dunno would it reach the family or maybe just annoy them, but I hope they will know how much he meant to strangers as well. UPDATE: I did send a sympathy card, and I got a thank you note back! Wow! Ouch. This hurts.

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CMURB said...

I agree, too many. Oh never let it be again.