Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hallow Eve

'Tis Halloween Eve and I've created yet another website. Actually, I plan to replace Heliothunder with this one, as I've been paying for that ad-free site but rarely use it. Seems too wasteful (should've seemed wasteful ages ago...)

Lately I've been finding no-kill animal shelters, with a focus on cats, to donate to. Also, SLOWLY getting the bedroom in this apartment cleaned out, which means taking more stuff home to pile up in that giant mountain of stuff that used to be our small living room.

My friend Danielle's surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed. This is her second surgery as the first one didn't go so well, and now she's been waiting at UCLA for them to fit her into their schedule.

Of course the horrid fires around SoCal were in international news. Lopex' family home was threatened at one point, but things turned out OK. Whew!

I think this free Google blogsite is a bit easier to deal with, so POSSIBLY I will update it more often. Not sure how the photos work. I might deal with my photos separately.

If YOU have a blog, or this inspires you to get one, please do send me the address.

As always, every New Year I swear I'm gonna keep in better touch with my friends. Let's make this the year..... (promises, promises).

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CMURB said...

Photos upload to Picasa, which you have automatically or you can post from Flickr. Yay, Flickr!

Songs to learn and sing: "I've got a new blog, oh weh oh, to help my understanding / oh yes a new blog, oh weh oh, nothing too demanding"