Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wattles Garden Park

Finally at long last I have found my way into Wattles Garden Park. Smaller than I had thought. It's a fine old home, pre-movie industry Hollywood, with what is now a small area of land set aside as a park. It is right next to Runyon Canyon, and the whole place reeks of dog "regalos." All those "Curb your dog" signs mean YOU, yeah, YOU! We celebrated Guavidad (A Lopex Holiday, pat pending) on location this year! Official site for the home here. The home dates to 1909. Down the narrow nearby streets are mostly unattractive homes built on a slope never intended for houses. Stucco pink apartments and palm trees are the norm for the area. There is also a community farm which you can only access with a key! Dogs, dogs, dogs, and dog poop.

Closer to the house.

LOTS to read, from filming rules to dogs.

View from the house down onto the dirty town. Grass looks so green!

I like trees, especially that tall one. Looks almost like fireworks.

Every residential street corner in Hollywood looks like this:

In Zorro news, Season 1, # 13 "The Fall of Monastario"--hate to see the downright pretty Britt Lomond's saga come to an end, but a particularly good episode for Don Diego. I love when he pretends he can't handle a sword. And for Guavidad, among my gifts was a custom Zorro minifig. Gracias!!

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