Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BS Stands for Many (Inappropriate) Things featuring Major West

B.S. can stand for some bad stuff. Not just the obvious. However, it also stands for a movie that really wasn't so bad at all: Blue Sunshine. I first saw it in the late 70s because I really liked an actor called Zalman King. I was amused to see Major West from Lost in Space in it. I rewatched it just now. I had barely remembered that Major West played the used car salesman type politician. VERY mid-70s style. Uggh. Still mega good looking man though. Luckily, his character kept his hair and didn't wig out (har har). Here he is in a majorly ugly suit, and he said the BS word (yeah, that one) on the phone. Bad, Mark!

After that scene, smiling Major West is pleased to show off how he looks basically the same ten years later, and full head of hair! (The hair is very important in this film!)

No, sorry. Judy married someone else after we returned to Earth.

Remember that time when Dr. Smith almost got us all killed? Which one? So many good times. Hahahah!

Zalman King tries to convince the Major to upgrade his fashion sense and stop smoking. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. That Taxachusetts accent is so thick with cigarette smoke it made me nearly cry. Why, Mark, why??

Somehow he thinks that he'll be able to sound like Tom Waits when he sings onstage with Liza. (I wish I were making that up).

The Major gets suspicious that I'm gonna embarrass him with something else.

Well, he's right. Ready? If I could have one prop from this film, it would not be the fake campaign posters. Oh no. It would be this shirtless hippie drug dealer poster with the blond wig! (Insert smokey Taxachusetts accent "It was a paying gig! I had kids to support!")

Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself.....

Later the Major utters another BAD BS word. He says Barbra Streisand! He does! A puppet of her has just performed as his lead-in act at the shopping mall. A shopping mall that has a disco in it.

Zalman King returns to tell him it's all his fault! We never do find out if he won the election or was arrested or what.... (sorry for the spoilers).

Remember, Major, smoking will spoil your good looks.

Yeah, it's something to think about, Don.

But you'll live on forever (or until the film rots) as the cutest guy on TV in the autumn of 1959.

Hey, Cully! Johnny Ringo and John Robinson have the same initials! It's a small TV world.

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