Sunday, January 17, 2010

White frame sunglasses--grrr!

Just today some hipster kid in my building, who I'd never seen before, said HI to me--uggh--while wearing his white-framed sunglasses. This particular boy was accompanied by a short fat girl in a hat and TORN leopard print tights that she thought were pants (they're not). Both looked like they had attended an 80s party for people who had no clue about the 80s. I am seeing these white-framed (white frame?) sunglasses everywhere. Who is responsible for this trend? Make it stop! If I've noticed it, it must be HUGE (given how I don't notice much).

Unrelated: I'm doing more walking lately. Eight miles seems to be my "comfort limit." I even walked 2 1/2 hours in the rain today!

2010 is a great year to help animals! Donate to no-kill shelters.

Check out Second Acts. They give money to no-kill shelters in need.

Adopt a Kitten

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CMURB said...

Here's a comment you will never read because you find me visually and morally offensive or you think I don't know how to spelt gud. Well! I am outraged and I wish you good day. I said GOOD DAY!