Saturday, April 19, 2008

Long Time, No Post

I'm no good at keeping a blog, am I. Our roadrunner Curio disappeared well over a month ago. My mother saw a roadrunner just once since then, but not sure it's him. Spring is in full bloom though and he may have gone off to find a mate. The hunting must be good too. This strange flower appeared in our yard for the first time--three of them actually. My mother reckons it's the desert lily. Didn't survive long.

Much like my radishes--planted a bunch of seeds again, in containers and outside of containers; bought special soil, Miracle Gro, all that... and a few sprouted, all died. Some didn't bother to sprout at all. Best were the radishes--they bloomed nicely, but then strangled each other and died before becoming radishes. I can't grow anything but mold.

My nose surgery didn't happen--I was supposed to have this surgery to dig out a possible skin cancer. Now I'm to seek a second opinion. Biopsies are very expensive! I didn't go see Ray Davies or Grant Lee Phillips, and now I look set to miss both Mike Peters and Carlene Carter (her first LA appearance in ten years!)--they play on the same day, next Friday. I just can't motivate myself to buy a ticket, drive, be out at night, be around other people, etc.

Finally got a cargo container at the house. Just a 20' this time. Here it is pre-paint.

Should've gone ahead and gotten the 40' as the price was almost the same. The new roof will be put on my house soon. Would've already been done except MEGA STRONG WINDS won't stop blowing this year.

Lots of birthdays in April!

Still reading short horror stories from Ramsey Campbell. Good imagery but let-down endings. Have been watching lots of Beatles footage on YouTube late at night. FINALLY saw the Daleks! After years of hearing how brilliant they were...watched the first UK film version with them, with Peter Cushing as the Doctor. I had not realized they were little creatures inside protective suits! I had a terrible time understanding when they talked. Was that film representative of them on the TV show or a bit different? I'm wasn't that inspired to find out.

My Hywel Bennett collection has been expanding slowly. Not updated my fan page yet though. When to find the time! Website stuff takes me ages.

Sad passing of Charlton Heston recently. I am always thinking of Karl Malden. He is well into his 90s. He should live forever!

I always have a huge stack of homework papers to read--more than I could ever keep up with. Don't watch much TV these days although thanks to reruns, I am actually watching Family Guy when I run across it! Saw a couple episodes of Bones. It wants to fill the void left by the X-Files, but it's just not appealing enough. I almost fear the new X-Files film...the first one wasn't something I wanted to watch a second time, and I LOVED the show so much. Sad that Agent Doggett wasn't brought back for this film. Don't like the idea of new characters.

2008 marks 60 years since the Naqba in Palestine. Of course, President Bush and various Euros will go to the colony of Israel to CELEBRATE the tragic event.

Thanks to YouTube I was able to watch the documentary on Enoch Powell and his famous speech in 68 about how masses of immigrants would make the native British strangers in their own land. That has surely come to pass. Heartbreaking. I keep wondering if the 60s British style looked as cool to people then when they all looked like that? I think people really DID know they were part of something special though.

The Housing Bubble is slowly starting to contract but has a long ways to go. The American dollar has been made worthless by the so-called Federal Reserve (who are not "federal" at all but a PRIVATE bank with control of our money supply!) We've never paid so much for gas. That's my report for now.

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