Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lots to catch up on

Always time to go to work, so I haven't updated things. In brief: my nose IS gonna be cut up--in case there is basal cell cancer under the angiofibroma --sp! That happens the day after St Patrick's. This is now the year of the rat, and it started out well, but then went back to the old stuff. I got to speak to Gruff, Guto, and Huw of Super Furry Animals when they did an in-store appearance and Lopex got some great pix. Also took a pic of a guy with Alice Cooper, as Alice was just walking in the store alone! Surreal stuff. The HEAT has returned to SoCal but will probably turn cooler again soon. Am doing a little bit of exercise lately in hopes of losing weight, but then I go on an eating rampage and undo it. Did a lot of driving recently as I brought my mom back here to see the eye doctor, and I myself had a doctor's appt and she wants me back on the iron supplements. My night class is HUGE this time, filled to capacity at 40 students. Yikes! That's a LOT of essays to read. Am meeting a Japanese pal weekly for a little J-study. Not much, but an improvement up from zero! Need to add some pix and stuff...

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