Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rainy January

If you like rain, we got it. Mega rainy times in SoCal. There was even thick fog as I returned today with visibility all of 20' in front at one point. Scary actually.

The gas station

The intersection (dirt in the road, not snow!)

Spent some quality time this morning with "My Mom's Dog" (pix should be below), a bit with Curio, and finally agreed upon a plan for adding structures to the homestead: oh to have a compound! Of course all is on hold just now that the ground is soaked. Waiting for rain to end and then dry up.

Curio is more stand-offish than the coyote, but thanks to a zoom lens... !!

As you can tell, I've just been out in the desert, my happy place. This time round finally made that big drive round the park to the east, way down to a spot on the map called Desert Center. Saw a younger guy with a huge mohawk and mostly trailers in need of repair. Post-apocalyptic Chud-dom. I pulled off one exit too early and discovered the General Patton Museum! A gas station, a fast food place, and a half dozen tanks on display! Would go back for that (cutting thru the park, NOT taking the long way). Daylight had turned greylight, so no pix this time.

Along the highway we spotted this tiny purple flower (weed?) growing in endless patches. The rain probably brought it out. My mother is always in search of ground cover that would grow out there, so I pulled over and plucked some out (being careful not to touch it directly, just in case). It seemed to be attached by a thick stem to a giant nasty green weed. Here is a sample. The flowers are an inch across at most. Any clue what it is? It might be "purple desert mat" or something like that. Name that weed!

Haven't checked the online news in two days. Hate to think of the horror in the meantime.

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