Monday, December 31, 2007

End of the Year, Goodbye 2007

I guess everyone needs to post an "end-of-2007" comment. Well, plumbing problems have been the lead story. At the house, the thermal coupler went out--always on a weekend--didn't get our usual people and had to pay WAY too much. Then the septic reached its "time to be pumped" point, again on a day they charge extra... but my mother found a really good guy with a family business. Turns out his kin live in that house just up the road that used to have the two friendly dogs. We always wondered why those dogs just vanished... turns out they had dug their way out of the yard and been found dead on the property. So horribly sad. Never leave animals outside unattended. Really sad. The black one would always get excited and run back and forth when I drove by, so we always said "there's my dog!"

Also, here at the apartment the shower is now backing up, etc. Endless plumbing problems. I think the ones at the house are now fixed (many many $ later), but here at the apartment still ongoing.

It is VERY windy today, and I went over to visit the willow trees on campus. I love to watch them dance in the wind. This photo is not from today, but it's of a wind dance from earlier in the year.

My roommate's mother is here from Korea. Her father will also come over soon, and then they're all going off to Las Vegas!

I don't have any "top ten" lists for the year. Can't think of any music or film that made a big impact on me. I just keep watching Roddy McDowall in "Legend of Hell House" over and over!

Had some good visitors this past year:

Mayumi was here twice, and that was cool! We had fun both times. She's been way too generous with the Ultraman gifts (her sister too!)

It was great to see Shari this year, and TWICE no less!

Also, it was wonderful to see Sharon and to watch her perform. Great stuff! And she's sooooooooooo small!!! (Mayumi had wasted away as well. I used to be able to do that... Shari is small too.)

Meanwhile, I am getting WAY too plump and blubbery. Yikes!

Keep eating veggie! Be kind to animals, of course...

My new term is "sunlight sinister" to mean it looks all bright and bouncy, but really there is a dark side. I use the Bee Gees' "New York Mining Disaster" song to illustrate that point. (It sounds all 60s harmony pop, but it's a tragic tale!) My "subculture" designation for this next year (which I made up, and now watch it will be stolen!) is Sunshine Goth. I could never ever be one of those vampire types, as I have no interest in vampires for starters, and the whole subculture seems to attract a LOT of "large" girls. I do love Gothic architecture and horror stories, but also the sun and bright colors and psychedelic music, so to balance my "grim" view of life with the outward "lively" style, I came up with Sunshine Goth. Lopex said I could NOT have Bee Gees in a Goth lifestyle, so this was my way to pull it off! No, I will not start dressing in all black. I do wear a lot of black with other colors (except for days when I go all black and introduce myself as Johnny Cash)--green remains my main color.

Oh yeah, my other big change is to move away from PURPLE this next year.

The loss of my beloved Mr. Lyrical back in March remains so devastating and painful. I miss him so much.

Shari and I went to Malibu for the sunset. It was either the actual Solstice or the day before or after, not quite sure, but I got this postcard-like photo. That's just a rock there, not some form of marine animal!

Thanks for reading. See you in 2008 !

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