Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post-Veteran's Day

Hello. Today is Tiw's Day, November 13, 2007.
Veteran's Day is always sad because most wars were pointless or for evil ends. I spent the long weekend with my mother. She went to the eye doctor, and for a while her heartbeat was way too high, so we kept taking her pulse and worrying. Luckily, she spoke with her doctor, and decongestants seem to have been the problem. Things are better now. Danielle is also out of the hospital, so that's another good thing.
It was wonderfully warm out on the desert, but I didn't accomplish much of anything. DID take Lactaid and eat a whole half gallon of REAL ice cream, which I am opposed to on moral and health grounds... but mint chocolate chip called to me!
The cats could care less about me. Well, KB puts up with me, and Squirt runs for her life if I even look at her. Gee, cats...
An old episode of Cheers is on, where Nick tries to attract Diane after Loretta leaves him. What a well-written show that was.
It was about 90 degrees today! Of course I had to work, but it was hard to get back into the swing of things after just one extra day off. Too many students were absent as well.
Had stopped watching my stocks (I only have a few...) because the dollar is so weak, but during the time I wasn't looking, it hit my target! And then it came back down... so I missed my chance to sell. My stock is in a Japanese company, so I hope it will go back up despite our sad little play money dollar falling daily.
One amazing thing happened: my car insurance company called me the other day and said that they can no longer punish us by zip code, so my rate went down over $500 a year, and I should be getting a refund for the amount I overpaid recently! It's STILL expensive, but less. Less is good!

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